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If you are like me, you haven't been able to resist the holidays food madness. It has been a wonderful season of eating whatever we want without paying attention to our line... I can still see it in my mind, the display of sweets and delicious baked goods, the chocolate, the cheeses, the gingerbread houses, the eggnog... yum!

After all the good food (but not so good 🙁 for you) we are left with the guilt, the excess pounds, the sluggish metabolism and the breakouts. What do we do now? Well now is the time to take care of our neglected digestive system and give it some love. The beginning of the year is always a good time to do a detox.  I am ready! Are you ready for a fresh start?

The 30 days cleanse with DoTERRA is the perfect way to kick start your new year, the right way. I do this cleanse on a regular basis at least twice a year. I always get great results and to be honest with you, I feel at my happiest every time I do it.
The supplements included in this cleanse are part of my daily maintenance regimen.  I strongly believe in these supplements and would recommend them to anyone. The essential oils blends are designed to support cellular health, function and renewal. The enzymes will help in the digestion and absorption of nutrients and the botanical blends will support your digestive organs.

This is a gentle cleanse that even kids can do with a few modification. Message me if you want to know how to modify it for a child.

When you are ready to start with this cleanse, message me so I can send you a diet guide with a recommended grocery list of food that will help you with the cleanse. I will also send you a complete cleanse protocol with a schedule of all supplements and essential oils. You will get all the support you need along the way, and I will be available to answer all the questions you might have.

The way I do it, is in three phases.

ACTIVATE -This happens on the first 10 days. This phase is dedicated to prepare the body and make sure all the exit routes are functioning and moving properly.

RESET- On this second phase you will have 10 days of actual cleansing with the help of some powerful oils.

RENEW- The last 10 days are dedicated to restore and support the body with the help of probiotics.

Recommended DoTERRA products for the cleanse:

Microplex VMZ Retail $52.67
XEO Mega Retail $66
Alpha CRS Retail $92.67

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Zendocrine Complex
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Zendocrine Softgels
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Lemon Essential Oil
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GX Assist
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PB Assist
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DDR Prime
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You can Join DoTERRA with the Cleanse and Restore Kit:

The savings are enormous if you join DoTERRA with this kit 🙂

  • You do not pay the $35 enrollment fee
  • You get 25% discount on all your future purchases for one year
  • 10%-30% additional back in rewards points if shopping monthly
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  • Plus with this kit you get all you need for the cleanse and basically save 50%
Cleanse and Restore Enrolment Kit Wholesale Price $245






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