Chocolate Chips Cookies

I love these Chocolate Chips Cookies!

When I make them they are gone in no time. I cannot keep myself or my husband away from them!

I came up with these cookies  that are not only Gluten Free but are made with Raw Cacao Nibs instead of the traditional Chocolate Chips. I know I can indulge myself in one of these cookies anytime I feel the need for that little pick me up or to satisfy my sweet tooth.

The Raw Cacao Nibs taste so good and give them a nice nutty texture. Just give them a try, you will thank me later!




Start with melting the butter then add all the wet ingredients. Mix well. You do not need a blender, I usually use a big fork. Add all the dry ingredients until the consistency of cookie dough. Add the raw cacao nibs last. Use a teaspoon to drop the dough on your greased cookie sheet (I use either butter or coconut oil).  Shape each cookie by pressing them down with your hands.

Bake at 350 F for 20/25 minutes

About 20 cookies depending on size


Courtesy of Daniela’s Kitchen

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