How to Use Essential Oils

1) Topically


1.) Topically
When you apply your oils to areas of the body that need support, they reach the bloodstream within 20 seconds and are then distributed throughout the body within 20 minutes. It’s best to dilute the oils in fractionated coconut oil to avoid skin sensitivity and ALWAYS dilute for children.
The bottoms of the feet are a great place to apply the oils as it’s the most porous section of the skin allowing for quick absorption. You can also apply on the back of the neck or along the spine.

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2) Aromatically


2.) Aromatically

Put a drop in the palm of your hands, cup your hands to your nose and inhale – WOW!!!!

Diffusing is also a great way to get benefits from the oils. They can support respiratory functions and enhance moods.

Spray on a surface (I like to spray my pillows with lavender or my counter tops when I’m cleaning for example) or you could even just smell from the bottle.

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3) Internally


3.) Internally
dōTERRA® is the ONLY brand of oil I would trust to use internally. Please do not assume it is okay to use any brand of oil internally as purity varies greatly. If safe for consumption, the bottle will clearly be labelled if it is approved for internal use. Once you are assured of quality, you can add one drop to your water or tea. I like any of the citrus oils for this as it helps me drink my daily recommendation of water.

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